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Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Real Hair?

We love hair extensions, but there are a lot of popular misconceptions surrounding them. The idea that all hair extensions cause damage is one such wrong idea, and it stops a lot of women from getting the style they want and deserve. Don’t fall for it – when professionally applied and given the right care, hair extensions are very safe for even daily use!


Safe Hair Extensions

woman with hair extensions on road - scizzorhandsOne reason people believe extensions cause damage is that they still think salons use a ton of glue and heat to apply them. This isn’t always true anymore, and there are many different kinds of hair extensions available. You should still do some research and talk to an expert before committing to a certain type, but to find out what works best for your cut and hair type rather than for damage control. The most popular extensions – microbeads, tape-ins, and clip-ins – are all safe, fast ways of getting longer hair and trying out different styles.

Clip-in hair extensions are often seen as the “safest” form of extensions. This is because users wear them only as needed, which is usually for several hours rather than all day. Impermanence is their purpose, and anyone can add them to hair when getting ready in the morning. The user can then remove the extension before taking a shower, going swimming, or when getting ready for bed. When they are properly clipped in, removed, and cared for, this type of hair extension causes no damage to your real hair

The other types of extensions are more permanent, but their weight and seamless application mean they won’t tug down on the roots and stress the hair. Microbeads, for example, take small extensions and attach them to strands of your natural hair with a very small silicone-lined bead. The stylist then tightens the bead to hold the extension in place, with no glue or heat necessary! 

Even when the stylist needs to use heat, as with fusion extensions, they take expert attention to ensure they do no damage to the natural strands. With proper care, you can use microbead and fusion extensions much longer than clip-ins without causing any damage to your real hair.


Treat Hair Extensions With Care

woman holding flowers - scizzorhandsProfessionals should be the only ones who apply most extensions. The more permanent types like fusion extensions use heat to bond with small strands of hair, and in the wrong hands, this creates a risk for damage. Anything using adhesives can hurt your roots and, if used too liberally, can but you at risk of pulling and discomfort. 

We recommend against using extensions for a long time and for installing anything but clip-ins yourself. This isn’t because the extensions will do damage to your hair; rather, it’s so you can get the best, most natural look possible. We also do micro link extensions which are similar to nano link. Nano link has a metal piece we put the bead onto and are smaller than the micro link. Micro links use a keratin bond that the bead is clipped on to. Advances have made these style products much more versatile for every type of hair. Whether you cut your hair short and want to go long again or you want to try something new for a special occasion, Scizzorhands has the perfect extension for you!