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Affordable Hair Extensions in London Ontario

Hair extensions are a great way to give your hair some length and style no matter what the occasion. They are a very flexible, temporary option for adding some flair to a special 'do. The Scizzorhands are London's extension specialists, integrating them seamlessly into your hair no matter what the length. We make sure that your style is perfect and ready for anything!

The Ins And Outs Of Hair Extensions

There isn't one type of hair extension. We recommend the right extension based on your style and natural hair:

  • Microlink extensions: We attach a strand an extension to your natural hair with a silicone-lined bead. It works best with medium or thick hair. Reusable and very durable, it’s great for any length of time - though you might have to come in after two months to have us adjust the beads as your natural hair grows!
  • Nanolink extensions: Like microlink extensions, only smaller! Nanolink beads are only a fraction of the size of the microlink option, making them ideal for all hair types. Because they are lightweight, very comfortable, and virtually unnoticeable, nanolink extensions are the best choice for long-range use. Like microlinks, regular, professional maintenance is needed.
  • Clip-in hair extensions: These extensions are clip-ins (an individual extension) attached to small sections of your natural hair with clips. These are quick and easy to apply, but don't think we're using ordinary methods - this process is strong and will hold up through any special day.

The right extension depends on preference, hair type, and budget. A professional needs to assess the situation, because if the extension is too heavy, it can put a lot of stress on your roots. We can accurately match the density of the extension to your natural hair to avoid creating unnecessary tension!

Extensions For Short Hair

You need around four inches of hair to make sure your extensions look and feel the best. The most suitable choices are nanolinks.


Thin Hair

Why Consider Hair Extensions?

Extensions are a cost-effective, affordable way to change your style for special occasions. The best effect is that it creates length without having to wait the months (or even years!) it can take for hair to grow to the length you want.

Extensions are also good for fixing a short cut you may no longer want. Regret happens to the best of us, don't worry. But when you need your hair on point for that important party or occasion, extensions can be the best way to get some of your previous style back. If you’re very unsure about your cut, choosing a long-term option like nanolinks or microlinks can give you the hair you really want until it grows back in!

Well-placed, well-chosen extensions can also give your hair some added dimension and volume, making certain colours and styles more possible. Take for a spin an ombre extension or one that provides some extra oomph and see how you like it; if you do, we can do something similar to your real hair!

Caring For Your Hair Extensions

If you're styling them at home, avoid tugging or yanking the extension while brushing; hold the hair at the root and comb through it starting at the ends. But try and keep any oils away from the roots; they can weaken the bond and cause the extension to fall out prematurely. You can also prevent nighttime tangles by braiding the hair before bed.

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When getting extensions, professionalism and experience are a must. Our team can give you the hair extension results you're looking for, whether it's before your wedding, prom, or another formal event.

The best part is, we offer our consultations for free! Come on in and we'll tell you what results and price you can expect for your specific needs. If you want hair extensions in London, Scizzorhands Salon & Spa is the best destination!

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