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What Are Bio Sculpture Gel Nails?

By Scizzorhands | July 10, 2019

Are you looking for more vibrant, long-lasting colour out of your manicure or pedicure? Bio Sculpture Gel might just be for you! This groundbreaking product is a gel colour applied to the nail and cured under an LED lamp. It’s a newer advancement in nail painting and care, and this alternative comes free of dust,…

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Wedding Eyelash Extensions or False Lashes?

By Scizzorhands | June 24, 2019

Enhancing your eyes is a great beauty move before your wedding day because your lashes can add great drama to your bridal look and your wedding photos.  Two of the options you have are eyelash extensions and false eyelashes. While they sound the same, the beauty treatment, results, and work needed to keep them looking…

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What’s So Great About Balayage?

By Scizzorhands | June 17, 2019

You may have seen or heard about balayage, a colouring trend spoken about with almost hushed awe and wonder. It’s almost like this European colouring technique just arrived in North America out of the blue! Don’t worry, you won’t get left behind by this trend; balayage brings something unique for every hair type, and it…

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Our Favourite Hair Colour Trends So Far In 2019

By Scizzorhands | June 5, 2019

Hair colour trends have a lot of staying power, but every year something new pops up in salons everywhere. It’s almost impossible to stay ahead of the crowd, but luckily, we’re here for you! These are the hair colour trends we guarantee you’ll see on the street and in your Instagram feed in 2019.

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How To Prepare For Your Wedding Hair And Makeup Appointment

By Scizzorhands | May 17, 2019

Any other day in your life, you might brush off smudged mascara or shrug your shoulders when the curls in your hair lose their hold. That’s fine for every other day, but you won’t have this same blasé attitude on the morning of your wedding. Nor should you – it’s supposed to be the most…

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Why Do I Need A Hair Trial Before My Wedding?

By Scizzorhands | May 7, 2019

You test the food, you try on the dress, and you wear the shoes before your wedding day, all to make sure they’re absolutely perfect. Now, how about the hair? Hair trials are no longer optional for brides – they are a must before you walk down the aisle.

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Why We Love UWO Students!

By Scizzorhands | April 23, 2019

London is a college town at heart, and it’s so awesome to see new and returning students coming back to the city every year. The University of Western Ontario brings thousands of new faces to our lovely city, and we’re always excited. Having done hair, makeup, and other beauty treatments for many UWO undergrads, grad…

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Eminence Skin Care: The Pros Of Going Organic

By Scizzorhands | April 18, 2019

You may eat organic, drink organic, and clean with organic products – have you tried organic skincare? Scizzorhands is proud to be offering products from Eminence Organic Skin Care, an exclusive brand that uses clean ingredients and processes for everything they make. It’s a great time to make your beauty routine an organic one, and…

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Summer Hair Care

By Scizzorhands | April 10, 2019

Just when you think you’re out, the weather pulls you back in. Winter’s gone, you’re looking forward to some nice outdoor time, when suddenly the moderate temperatures and gorgeous sunshine give way to harsh UV rays, unbearable humidity, and too much chlorine. Yes, summer is just around the corner, and it can be worse for…

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