Microblading Training

HDi Embroidery Brow 3 Day Certified Training Course

Course Details:

The HDi Embroidery Brow technique is also known as microblading. It is a less invasive form of permanent makeup. With our custom technique, we train our technicians in using a manual tool that creates the finest of hair strokes into the natural brow. This innovative technique mimics an exact brow hair and blends flawlessly with the natural brow. This innovative procedure is also ideal for clients who have little to no eyebrow hair as you can create any desired shape for your clients and it resembles a natural brow shape and fullness with natural hair-like strokes.

Technicians who are certified through our HDi Embroidery Brow 3 Day Certified Training Course are recognized by insurance providers, ensuring you start off on your new microblading career on the best foot.

Make sure you are receiving your training from a reputable and preferred training facility to ensure you are able to get insured and begin your new microblading career!

Alaina Calverley is our certified trainer and technician at Scizzorhands, she has been microblading since 2014, instructing since 2015 and has a passion for microblading that shows in the quality of her work over the years that she has been providing this service to our clients.

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