How Long Do Eminence Skin Care Products Last?

The surprising thing about organic skincare products is that they stay fresh for a long time. The shelf life of Eminence Organics, our favorite line of moisturizers, can be up to 15 months. How do they do this using only natural ingredients? The secret is in Mother Nature!

How Eminence Organics Stay Fresh

Eminence Organics has developed a system of natural preservatives that are best suited for each product without having to use synthetic chemicals. These natural additives also optimize the antioxidant power of fruits, vegetables, and herbs used in the formulas.

When you open an Eminence Organics product, it’s a good idea to use it within three to six months. This is easy if you add it to your routine. However, the shelf life can be as long as one year with certain products lasting even longer. All Eminence Organics products should be kept in a cool, dry place at room temperature, both before and after opening.

Why Do Some Products Change Over Time?

Over time, you might notice some changes in the look and aroma of moisturizers, but don’t worry – the effectiveness will stay the same. Eminence Organics uses no artificial colors, fragrances or chemical additives; one side effect of this commitment is that the color or fragrance changes slightly. Many of the natural ingredients in the products take on their seasonal changes, even as ingredients in the moisturizer. Though they age as if they are in nature, the product will still be fine to use and continue being beneficial for your skin.

Some other unique feelings that come from Eminence Organics products are because of the attributes of the ingredients, not because of spoilage. When you apply an Eminence moisturizer product, for example, you might feel warm or flushed. This is because some products contain paprika, an ingredient that helps blood circulation and oxygen around the skin. The warmth is proof that the product is invigorating the skin!

Eminence Is More Than An Alternative!

If you don’t need to use synthetic ingredients to preserve the product, you don’t need to use them for the other benefits either! Many commercial products contain chemically-derived ingredients that dry the skin, leading to flaking and damage. Eminence Organics carefully chooses its natural ingredients so that each product provides benefits and doesn’t irritate the skin. Cleanser products are balanced with the ideal amount of natural oils so that they remove excess oil and debris without stripping too much away.

Eminence Organics is changing how we see certain ingredients – they shouldn’t be regarded as alternatives, but rather as our first choice! One additive found in common cleansers but not in Eminence Organics products is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). SLS is an additive commonly used in products that foam up, e.g. bubble bath, but it’s also an important ingredient in industrial floor degreaser. Can you imagine what this does to your skin? Eminence Organics uses non-irritating ingredients such as coco glucoside derived from coconut oil to do the same job without the harshness.

The herbal, fruit, and vegetable oils contained in Eminence Organics calm, soothe and hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They also keep their products shelf-stable for a long time without Eminence having to rely on artificial preservatives!