What Is Microblading?

We all made mistakes in the early 00s, but one of the more popular mistakes was plucking eyebrows way too thin. Now that thicker, fuller eyebrows are in, and have no indication of going away soon, many people are trying to make up for lost time and hair. Microblading is one of the most popular techniques for creating the appearance of fuller eyebrows!

You may have seen microblading take over your Instagram feed, but for those out of the loop, the name can sound a but misleading. Microblading isn’t about shaving off stray or unwanted hairs around your eyebrows – it’s about enhancing them with a method more like temporary tattooing!

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a permanent makeup that creates the look of full, defined eyebrows. The process uses a tool that looks like a pen with about a dozen small needlepoints at the end of a blade. These needles don’t penetrate all the layers of your skin, but rather lightly scratch the surface, letting a trained professional plant a medical-grade pigment in very fine strokes on the top layer of the skin. These strokes create the appearance of very realistic, very natural-looking hair, and microblading will help you get the shape and fullness you want to achieve.

It’s also almost maintenance-free. This might sound like getting an eyebrow tattoo, but don’t worry about looking like Post Malone when the procedure is finished – microblading does not go all that deep into the layers of the skin when planting the pigment. This means that while it is “permanent” by makeup standards, it’s not fully permanent, and will fade after about a year and a half. This is a long time of having your eyebrows on point 24/7!

All this is to say that microblading is an incredible way to enhance eyebrows. It’s an ideal solution for those of us with little-to-no eyebrow hair, as you can create any desired shape, and the brow shape and fullness given by the natural hair-like strokes are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Does Microblading Hurt?

It’s not a super painful experience, but it can be uncomfortable for some clients. Fortunately, we numb the brow area before we put ink to skin, so that you won’t feel the discomfort that might come with the procedure. You might hear a scratching sound, but that’s just the sound of well-defined eyebrows.

You can learn the art of microblading yourself! Alaina Calverley, our certified trainer and technician here at Scizzorhands, has been microblading since 2014 and teaching the skills since 2015. If you have a passion for cutting-edge makeup trends and want to learn microblading, Alaina will guide you through an HDi Embroidery Brow 3-Day Certified Training Course!