Why We Love UWO Students!

London is a college town at heart, and it’s so awesome to see new and returning students coming back to the city every year. The University of Western Ontario brings thousands of new faces to our lovely city, and we’re always excited. Having done hair, makeup, and other beauty treatments for many UWO undergrads, grad students, doctoral candidates, and more over the years, we know that Western students are some of the best people in the world!

UWO Students Have The Most School Spirit

Western brings out the best in people. Every game day for the Mustangs, London becomes a sea of purple, painted faces abound, and a diverse group of people come together to show their pride in their school. Ask alumni their favourite memories from their time at Western and they’ll overwhelm you with big games and students coming together to do big things. Just try and be cynical about the positive identity students have in UWO – it’s impossible!

They’re Some Of The Smartest People In The World

UWO is one of the best schools in the world, and it is a world-class learning environment. People who’ve studied at Western have gone on to become heads of state, win Nobel Prizes, explore space, and even discover insulin. Who knows what the next generation of students will go on to accomplish? We can’t see the future, but we can make it look great!

They Have Great Taste

Western students clearly have the best taste in the world. They chose London, right? But the students make so much about London a world-class place. They frequent great bars, go to new and unique restaurants, and the way they support London makes it a better place to live.

They’re Never What We Expect

There’s a stereotype about the typical Western student; we live here, we’ve heard all the jokes. But every person that comes through our salon breaks the mould. Each Western student, regardless of how they carry themselves, is their own individual, and they all have a refreshing uniqueness that we’re always glad to see. All Scizzorhands does is help these beautiful people become more comfortable with themselves!

They Support Local Business Owners

Whether they’re new in town or have lived here all their lives, Western students know the value of using their money wisely and locally. We see so many students loyally come through our doors when they need a new cut, just some regular beauty maintenance, or are about to graduate and leave town for the next chapter in their life.

Our team has had the good fortune to make lasting relationships with so many great Western students, and we’re always looking forward to making more!