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About This Sweeping Freehand Technique

Balayage is a popular method of coloring created in France in the early 70s. It is a freehand approach where even the color is applied manually instead of using conventional methods of foils or cap brushing for highlights. Even in the shortest bob, this method can be deployed, but the finest outcomes are in long flowing hair.

Stand Out With A Trendy Style Change

From smooth, natural outlines to something high impact and powerful, you can accomplish so many unique results. The fact that resulting hair maintenance is so minimal is also a major draw for the busy modern woman. Women want to be stylish and feel better about their image, and yet most typically don't have the time for colour correction in the salon every couple weeks.

What Makes Scizzorhands Special

Our professional team is proud to keep up with the ever-changing trends and is constantly updating our hair and esthetic expertise. Each member of our team is extremely educated and is very proud to make you look and feel your best!

We're concerned about your experience at our salon and go to great lengths to make you happy. Over and above the services we perform at the salon, we take pride in the fact that we're part of a thriving local community with awesome local talent.

We're well-reviewed and well known in the city as avid professionals ready and willing to take on new clients who are looking to change their style.

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We're excited to meet you! Take a look at our beauty services or browse our staff listings to see if anything piques your fancy. Many of our hair stylists have been practising for well over 10 years and every single one is a passionate hair professional. That means they're more than willing to chat about the latest styles or help you discover a new look that you may not have fully visualized yet. See you at the salon!

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