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How To Prepare For Your Wedding Hair And Makeup Appointment

Any other day in your life, you might brush off smudged mascara or shrug your shoulders when the curls in your hair lose their hold. That’s fine for every other day, but you won’t have this same blasé attitude on the morning of your wedding. Nor should you – it’s supposed to be the most magical day of your life!

Here’s how you can prepare for your wedding hair and makeup appointment, making it a successful and stress-free morning.

Be Product-Free To Prepare For Your Wedding Hair & Makeup

One of the most important reminders we can give you is to do as little work on yourself as possible. Before both the makeup and the hair appointments, do not use a product that could “contaminate” your hair or face (we mean this very politely, of course). For your hair, wash it the night before so that it can regain the natural oils overnight, but refrain from putting in any product that evening or the following morning. A little taming with a curling iron or straightener is acceptable, but don’t overdo it – your hair should be as natural as possible going into the salon chair.

For a makeup trial, give your stylist a blank canvas on which they can work their magic. You should complete your skin-care routine because you know what your skin needs to stay healthy, but don’t apply any makeup products the morning of your appointment. A clean face is much better at holding makeup!

Make A Schedule And Stick To It

You and your party have a lot to do the morning of your wedding, so if you’re all getting hair and makeup done together, scheduling who goes when is crucial. When deciding which lucky member of the party gets their makeup done first, try and make a smart choice- who’s the most responsible, i.e., who will be able to keep their makeup looking great the longest?

If some members of the party have other jobs, they should be scheduled the earliest. Usually, this means the maid of honour, the mother of the bride, or whoever you chose to be the emcee, but this all depends on how you’ve planned out the rest of your day.

Book A Trial For Wedding Hair and Makeup

The best way you can prepare for the morning of your wedding is to know what you’ll be getting. A hair and makeup trial booked months ahead of the actual date will prevent you from going into your official appointment blind.

For your trial, take photos of your desired style, be clear with your stylist on what you like and don’t like, and – here’s a hard truth – be prepared for some disappointment. Sometimes styles just don’t work out how you want them to, but it’s much better to find this out months in advance rather than mere hours before you’re due to walk down the aisle! Contact us to learn more.