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Can You Wear Your Hair Down With A Veil?

Do you have the perfect veil in mind but are worried it might not stay in place? Veils have a curved comb and loops that follow the shape of the head, allowing them to fit right in with your hair. They are ideal for up-dos, but some brides might be more hesitant about including a veil when their heart is set on wearing their hair down.

Don’t worry, because Scizzorhands has you covered! There are specific ways our stylists can make sure your veil fits right into your desired ‘do, even if it’s down.


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Wearing Your Hair Down With A Veil

A favourite, subtle way of adding extra security to your hair is to backcomb the section underneath where the veil will sit. Backcombing is teasing the hair so that it’s matted and thicker, giving the veil’s comb and loops some extra hold. We then cover it with the top layer of hair so no one will be the wiser. The best spot to tease is at the crown of the head, a place that is not too high and not too low in the hairstyle. 

Another style great for keeping the veil exactly where it’s needed is the low ponytail. To make it, we take two sections of hair on either side and secure them with an elastic band to create a mini ponytail. You can then affix the teeth of the veil into the ponytail. We can position the ponytail exactly where you want the veil to sit!


Going Half Up, Half Down

A fashionable way to make the veil stay in place is to go half-up, half-down. Position the veil right above where the hair intersects in the back; this gives the comb some security and hides the loops and teeth. If you want to incorporate a hair accessory for some extra flair, it can be placed either above or underneath your veil.

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Bobby Pins Are Your Best Friend

One secret to keeping everything in place: bobby pins. Whether you backcomb, go half-up, or choose the low ponytail, bobby pins keep everything secure. To use, lift the layer above where the teeth of the veil will be secured and place two bobby pins in an X shape. Drop the top layer of hair back into place and fix the comb right at the intersection. Depending on your hair type, you may need more than two pins, so choose ones that match your hair colour. Also, make sure that your Maid of Honour has plenty on standby!

The best way to ensure the veil works is to bring it when you come in for a hair trial. Our stylists can help show you how the veil will look with your hair down, where you can position any other decorative hair accessories, and give you and your squad some tips should you need to make touch-ups!