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How Much Do You Tip At A Hair Salon And Spa?

Tipping is always a sensitive topic, and everyone has experienced the “deer in headlights” look when it comes to paying for anything but restaurant service. The tip in a hair salon isn’t the same as the courtesy shown to restaurant servers, though. Because it’s a different environment, you might not know the “etiquette” when your appointment is over. 

The final tip depends on your level of comfort with the stylist, the final result, and your overall experience. We’ll do our best to earn it, of course!


How Much Should I Tip?

tipping your hairdresser - scizzorhandsIn hair salons and spas, like in other establishments, the average tip is 20%. In a salon, though, the unstated “rules” can be a bit different. Many clients develop a special relationship with their stylist, and 20% often comes with the bond established over several appointments. If you are getting your hair done for the first time by someone new, tipping 15% is perfectly acceptable. If your stylist knows what you like and you feel comfortable working with them, you can go a little higher. 

Many clients feel comfortable tipping higher when the work is more detailed or complicated. Whether it’s a manicure, a hairstyle, or a spa day, the more difficult the service, the higher the tip. If you had several beauty services performed in one appointment, like manicures, skincare, or spa services, a higher tip is more appropriate. 

leaving tips at a spa - scizzorhandsEveryone’s situation is different, though. Women with short hair who come in and get it cut and coloured every month or so shouldn’t feel obligated to tip as high because their annual salon bill is already so high. If you’ve had a few stylists help you out with several services, you might feel more comfortable tipping separately. If you show up late, you might feel tipping can help compensate for the inconvenience. But what happens if you can’t tip?


What If I Can’t Tip?

hairdresser tips - scizzorhandsYou don’t have to feel bad or compelled to tip if it’s out of your budget. Hair appointments can be long and expensive, and many clients add the tip to what they’re anticipating on spending. But we don’t know what you’re going through, and frankly, you don’t have to explain your financial circumstances to us. We give our best to all our clients, and we know that if we can build a rapport and get you back, we’ve done our job!

If you can’t tip at the time but feel like the stylist went above and beyond, there are other ways you can show your appreciation. You can recommend our services to friends and family, leave a review on our Facebook and Google Business pages, or make sure to return to our salon soon! We’ll always be glad to help you out.