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Mother-Of-The-Bride Hairstyle Trends

The day of the wedding is all about the bride and groom, but so many people help make the day special. This includes the mother of the bride-to-be! Her hairstyle should be sophisticated and perfectly manicured without taking over the show. Here are some of the best hairstyles that will make the mother-of-the-bride feel comfortable and elegant.

Soft, Messy Textures

mother of the bride - scizzorhandsOne hot trend that has made it into wedding parties is the effortless look. There are many different ways of doing this: for short hair, a slight curl will look soft and gentle without the fuss; and for long hair, wavy hair can be pinned up or down to create a graceful look that doesn’t require too much maintenance. A texturizing mousse can give hair extra volume and extra hold, while still looking effortless on the wedding day.

These types of hairstyles can perfectly accommodate hair accessories, especially if there’s an heirloom that holds a special meaning. An antique brooch or hairpin is a less flashy alternative to flowers, and there’s no rule saying the mother-of-the-bride can’t have a “something old” of her own!


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There’s no beating the bun. It looks beautiful, works with all hair types, and can either be smooth and sleek or more on the messy side. It also provides options to have the hair up or down without requiring a lot of care. 

The side bun is a favourite trend right now. It’s best worn with a strapless dress, as it is set low and can be against the shoulder area. For the mother of the bride who prefers her hair up, a low bun is an elegant option. This look brings a subtle volume to the hair. It can be done complementary to a bridal updo.


Simple, Sophisticated Bangs

Bangs are in, but they don’t have to be stylized. Straight, smooth, and simple always look amazing, especially with short hair. Hairspray and hair oil can keep the bangs looking smooth, but make sure someone has a comb nearby for later in the day.

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Adding A Touch Of Colour

When thinking about the style, don’t forget to consider the colour, too! It’s not recommended that they try new colours, but a colour touch-up or highlights can be just the thing. Make a colouring appointment for the week of the wedding, and don’t try a home dye kit – you don’t want something to go wrong and ruin all the colour right before the big day.



Complementing The Bridecomplimenting the bride hairstyle - scizzorhands

The bride can take charge when it comes to hairstyles. How all the important women in the party do their hair can take a cue from how the bride wants it done. Many wedding parties like hairstyles to work together, and this is no different from the bride and her mother.

This is a trend that never goes out of style. It helps guarantee that every photo, regardless of who is in them, looks consistent and beautiful.